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Love others, but love thyself too!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Do you practice self-care?

Self-care is simply taking time to step away from all the stress either emotionally, spiritually, physically, or mentally. When we allow stress to build, stress can potentially lead to other mental and physical health problems. We may let stress build because we just don't think about it, or we may not feel we have the time or we may feel guilty for putting our needs first. The first thing to understand is that making time to engage in self-care such as getting enough sleep or taking a walk, is time well spent. You will benefit from engaging in activities that reduce stress and in turn so will others. The first step is to be self-aware and recognize when you are over stressed. You may be irritable, tense, tired, have headaches, sleep less, and get sick easily. All these symptoms may interfere with your relationships and work performance. Your body has many ways of telling you that you are stressed, listen to it! Once you know, do something about it before it gets worse. Below are ideas of ways to care for yourself under each category of care:

Physical: exercise, get a massage, sleep, take a bath, yoga, eat healthy, stay hydrated

Mental: watch a inspiring movie, play crossword games, engage in a hobby, meditation, think positively, read a book, clear the clutter

Emotional: listen to music, talk to someone you trust, practice gratitude, seek counseling or a support group, express your emotions in a healthy way (such as exercise to let off steam)

Spiritual: take a nature walk, read a spiritual book, practice your faith, listen to music that uplifts you

Next, establish a routine; consistency is everything! Of course, there will be times you have to push through a week but get back on your routine as soon as possible. This is what stress management is all about, engaging in self-care on a routine basis. If you need help, seeking a counselor or coach is a good way to have someone give you that objective perspective and help you stick to your goals. Do whatever you have to do to love thyself, so you can continue to give those you love the best you!

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