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Couples Counseling

Relationship skills are not something we are born with, and most people stumble through life having no idea why their relationships succeed or fail.  This is most certainly true of our romantic relationships, which challenge us to go through life's ever-changing stages, with no preparation or education.  In couples' therapy, partners can gain greater understanding of each other and learn communication skills.  They are coached on how to constructively resolve conflicts and negotiate differences. Choosing to come to couples therapy is sometimes difficult to do, it means having to admit things are not perfect.  I am here to guide you through improving your romantic relationship and to resolve interpersonal conflict. Relationship counseling often addresses:

Couple Hugging
  • Codependency Issues

  • Affairs

  • Financial Difficulties 

  • Domestic Violence

  • Parenting Concerns

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Loss/Grief

  • Significant Other Substance Use

  • Communication

  • Intimacy concerns

On the Phone
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