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Please contact us for additional information regarding dates and times for group services.

Women's Therapy Group

Group therapy is a wonderful way to feel connected to your community. In groups you can discover you are not alone in what you are feeling or experiencing. In fact, in an enriching group environment, others can help hold us accountable for change we wish to see in ourselves.


This group is for women ages 21+, from all diverse backgrounds, with various life circumstances, who wish to empower themselves and to encourage others to live a fuller life.

Pet Grief Group

The loss of a pet can be one of the most stressful events in life. The loss can be devastating, during your grieving process you may experience a wide range of emotions such as anger, guilt, sadness, despair, and disbelief. Having the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with individuals can help you through your healing process. I truly believe grief matters. Mourning the loss of a pet takes time and involves a safe place to work through the impact of your loss.

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