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Monique Andrews, MS, CDCII


My name is Monique Andrews and I am the founder of A Step Forward Counseling and Consulting, LLC.

In my therapy sessions we'll work together to solve problems in a safe, confidential, and compassionate environment. I engage in a collaborative process of healing using a wide range of counseling and coaching techniques.  We will take steps forward together!

Diane Singh, BA

Training, Marriage and Life Coach

My name is Diane Singh and I am a facilitator/trainer, marriage and life coach. My approach with working with couples and individuals involves experiential learning using techniques designed to teach conflict resolution, effective communication, and resiliency based coping skills.


Relationship Enhancement

No relationship is perfect and that's ok! Happy relationships and marriages are not without challenges.  Building a lasting and loving relationship can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is ok to reach out for help, marriage is a journey which may need direction and encouragement during difficult times or conflict.  The journey to a happy and healthy relationship begins with couples who are willing to learn, grow, and to ask for help when they need it.  Choosing to work with our coaching or counseling team is one step toward strengthening your relationship.

Our team specializes in marriage and relationship enhancement by providing a holistic approach to addressing challenges and obstacles. Whether you choose to engage in marriage or couples coaching, couples counseling, or to attend a workshop your initiative to seek guidance is the first step

toward improving your relationship.

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Individual Therapy - Are you overwhelmed with work, family life, or other responsibilities? Individualized therapy can help you develop the necessary skills to overcome challenges and improve your emotional wellness!

Couples Therapy - If your relationship is experiencing distress, Couples Therapy may be right for you. Learn to enhance communication and resolve conflict  in a safe and confidential environment. Therapy can assist you in making thoughtful decisions to improve and strengthen your relationship.


Group Therapy -  Group therapy can offer you a safe space to discuss personal issues with others who may be experiencing similar circumstances. Our current groups include: Women's Therapy Group, Pet Bereavement Group, and Relapse Prevention Group

Maybe therapy is not for you but you still desire guidance and support in making changes in your life or relationships. Choosing to work with a  coach is one step toward reaching your personal goals.

We offer individualized life coaching services as well as couples or marriage coaching.  During coaching we assist in transforming the way people communicate, solve problems, make decisions, and achieve their goals.